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Check our Status page for issues we’re aware of, and the Frequently Asked Questions page for some quick explanations of some questions you might have.

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If you can’t find a solution to your problem using the links above, get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to ensure your problem is resolved.

Make sure to include as much detail as you can. The more detail, the quicker we can get things resolved. If the issue is a crash, make sure to attach the crash report.

On iOS, install CrashReporter. When a crash occurs, you’ll receive a notification. Open it, and you will be given a list of suspects. Tap the package you think might have caused it, then choose Contact Author. All the relevant crash information will be attached to an email for you.

On macOS, open the Console app (in /Applications/Utilities), and then select User Reports or System Reports on the left. Find the report you believe is the one you want to report, and drag and drop the file name into an email to us.



If you’re looking to translate our products into other languages, visit the Translations page.