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TL;DR: We don’t store any information about you or your habits unless necessary for the product to work as intended. We log web page requests to assist in resolving issues and making future decisions. Our products may also access third-party services to provide certain features.

Web services


HASHBANG Productions web services keep a log of page requests and errors for 48 hours. This is an industry standard practise, and allows us to quickly track down issues when they arise. These logs include the URL requested, your IP address and browser identification, and date and time of the event.

Cydia sends your device model identification (such as iPhone8,2) and device unique identifier (UDID). The UDID is not used and not logged, unless routed through Chariz (see below).

We may log some requests permanently, such as downloads, in order to analyse the devices and operating system versions accessing our services over time. No identifying information such as IP address or UDID is stored and this information cannot be linked back to any particular user. We do not use third-party analytics services such as Google Analytics.


Some pages may have advertising provided by the Project Wonderful network. Refer to Project Wonderful’s privacy policy.


YouTube videos, Tweets, and other similar content may be embedded in some pages or products. These fall under the respective companies’ policies.


HASHBANG Productions uses industry standard transport layer security (TLS) to encrypt all communications between your device and our servers. We expect the majority of visitors have up-to-date software, so our configuration typically only allows access from recent, more secure, operating systems and browsers.

Many HASHBANG Productions websites, including this one, are routed through networks such as Cloudflare or Microsoft. These services may use data gathered from your activity or other variables such as IP address to restrict access to potentially malicious visitors.


Almost all software released by HASHBANG Productions does not ever use network resources. We believe there is no reason to access the network or store data about our users, unless this is necessary for the product to work as intended. Exceptions are listed below.

Some of our products will connect to HASHBANG Productions in order to check for an update. If an update is detected, a message is displayed requesting the user to allow or cancel the update.


Cephei provides tweak developers with the ability to display profile avatars from Twitter. Users also have the ability to send emails to the developer. This will attach system logs from your device that may contain personally identifying information.


DailyPaper downloads images from Bing on a regular basis. Refer to Microsoft’s privacy policy.


Chariz provides web-based services, including Chariz Pay.


Chariz uses Google accounts like a “password” to your Chariz account. We request permission to read your Google profile, to access your Google account ID (a unique number) used to link your Google account to your Chariz account, and to fill in the default full name and email address values in the Chariz account registration form. You don’t need to use your real name, but the email address must be valid.


We occasionally send emails to Chariz members. Some emails are mandatory to your membership on Chariz and can’t be unsubscribed from. Other emails will always provide a link to unsubscribe. We hate spam as much as you do — your email address is kept private to us and never sold to or shared with any other company.


Purchases can be made via PayPal. We store information retrieved from PayPal such as account and transaction identifiers in order to provide the services you request. Refer to PayPal’s privacy policy.


Chariz integrates with Discord to provide purchasers with extra features in linked Discord guilds (servers). We store information retrieved from Discord such as your user ID (a unique number) and tag (such as “@hashbang#1234”) to provide this functionality. For sellers, we store the relevant guild ID and role IDs (both unique numbers). The bot must be authorised to join the guild by an admin user; it doesn’t access Discord through a human’s account.

Last updated: 2018-02-25