This is the list of currently known issues of all software by HASHBANG Productions. Please note that we do not support new iOS versions until an official, publicly released jailbreak is available for it.

If you experience a problem that isn’t listed here, please let us know. See our support page for details. Please also refer to our FAQ page to see answers to the most common questions.

You may want to follow @hashbang for updates.

Note: The supported operating system versions listed include every bugfix update within the major version. For example, “iOS 14.0” means all versions from iOS 14.8 to 14.8.1.

Known Issues

Supported OS
Known issues
Alderis Color Picker 1.1.2
iOS 12.0 – 14.8
NewTerm 2 2.5
iOS 10.0 – 14.8
  • Copy/paste doesn't show on some devices running iOS 13.5 and later.
NewTerm Fonts Add-on 1.0
iOS 10.0 – 14.8
Quanta 1.0.1
iOS 13.0 – 14.3
  • May glitch when fitting the case.
RuntimeBrowser 1.1
iOS 8.0 – 14.8

Old products that aren’t listed here have been discontinued and no longer receive support from HASHBANG Productions.