Please also refer to our status page to see what bugs we are aware of.


It’s midnight and my wallpaper didn’t change!

Bing’s wallpapers change over at midnight in the time zone of the region you choose in Settings. By default, this is “Worldwide”, which is in the US Pacific time zone. Pick the region you live in or one that’s fairly close to you to have the wallpaper change at or around midnight.

DailyPaper also imposes a random delay of up to 4 minutes after midnight to avoid causing a sudden spike in load on Bing servers.


I’m seeing an “Opener” section in Settings which just says “No handlers are installed.” How can I remove it?

Opener is a package that other tweaks use behind the scenes to redirect URLs to another location. For example, MapsOpener detects Google Maps URLs and makes iOS open the Google Maps App Store app instead of the website.

When you uninstall these packages, Cydia won’t uninstall Opener, even though it’s now unused. To uninstall it yourself, open Cydia, tap Manage (iPhone and iPod touch only), followed by Installed. Find Opener, then tap Modify and then Remove.

Why doesn’t YTOpener support iOS 6 or newer?

YTOpener was originally intended only for iOS 5 users who preferred Google’s YouTube App Store app over Apple’s stock YouTube app. The App Store app is opened by default for YouTube links in iOS 6, which is why it’s unneeded and doesn’t allow installation on iOS 6. HASHBANG Productions does have plans to allow YTOpener to let you to choose to open any third-party YouTube client on any iOS version, however.


How can I theme tapUnlock’s “tap to unlock” button?

tapUnlock uses existing button graphics in iOS, which are already used for the Cancel button in the “slide to power off” overlay. These graphics are bottombargray.png and bottombargray_pressed.png, located at /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework.


TypeStatus isn’t showing a typing indicator!

Note that there are some cases where the iMessage service doesn’t send a typing indicator - when you’re sending a message to yourself, and for the first message sent when the sender uses the compose button in the Messages app. In other cases, please let us know and we’ll look into it.

TypeStatus only supports iMessage - SMS does not support typing indicators.

I use a messaging service other than iMessage. Can you make TypeStatus support that service?

We made TypeStatus Plus for the purpose of supporting a variety of other services — along with a slew of other features. Please give it a try!

How much battery life does TypeStatus consume?

TypeStatus should not have any impact on battery life at all. iMessage communications are sent and received by a background process called imagent - including typing and read receipt notifications. TypeStatus remains idle until one of these notifications are received, and then delivers the notification to your current app in order to display the TypeStatus notification. If you feel TypeStatus is affecting your battery life, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can work out what’s happening.

TypeStatus Plus may require supported apps to run in the background constantly. This may have an impact on battery life.

How do I disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) to install TypeStatus for Mac?

Disabling System Integrity Protection involves restarting your Mac into the Recovery OS, so please ensure you have permission from the owner of your computer to do this. Refer to this tutorial from Macworld for an overview of SIP and instructions on disabling it.

How do I uninstall TypeStatus on Mac?

If you’re using mySIMBL, open the mySIMBL app and click the trash can button next to TypeStatus. If you’re using EasySIMBL, right-click on TypeStatus and click Uninstall.

Make sure you quit the Messages app and open it again so TypeStatus is no longer running.


How do I fix “Target Packages is configured multiple times” errors in Cydia?

This means you have the HASHBANG Productions and/or Packix repos installed multiple times. These repos are built into the Electra jailbreak, so adding them yourself (including if you’ve added them in the past on an older iOS version) will create duplicates.

Go to the Sources tab in Cydia and tap Edit. If there’s a Delete button next to HASHBANG Productions and/or Packix, tap to delete them. This will delete the duplicate and keep the built-in ones. If you don’t see the delete button, you don’t have a duplicate.

How do I remove the HASHBANG Productions repo?

If you’re using the Electra jailbreak, you won’t be able to delete the HASHBANG Productions repo due to how it’s pre-installed. You’ll need to use an app such as Filza to go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d, and delete hbang.list.

With any other jailbreak, simply open the Sources tab in Cydia and swipe to delete HASHBANG Productions.

How do I report a crash?

Check out our support page to learn how to find and email crash reports to us. Thanks for your help!

I’d like to know how your tweaks work - where can I find the source code?

The source code for all of our free tweaks are available on GitHub. To build them, you need Theos — see its installation instructions.

How do I translate one of your tweaks to my language?

You can find the translation files along with languages left to translate for which tweaks and credits to all of the people that have helped us on the translations page.

My question isn’t answered here!

Check our status page, and if your question still isn’t answered, please email us via the “Author” link on the appropriate package’s details page in Cydia, or send us a Tweet.