TypeStatus Plus


Now that I have your attention (April Fools, sorry), here’s a status update. TypeStatus Plus and TypeStatus 2 - the successor to the current free TypeStatus - are in active development. I got really, really, busy after the extremely premature announcement of TypeStatus Plus back in July last year, and very little is currently implemented. TypeStatus 2 has been re-thought and much of the development restarted about twice in order to do things in a way that’s more closely integrated with the status bar frameworks. I’ll be posting updates occasionally, and betas of TypeStatus 2 will appear on the HASHBANG Productions repo (cydia.hbang.ws, of course). TypeStatus Plus betas will only be available to a small selected number of friends (sorry), but after release all purchasers can download them from our repo.

FlagPaint 2.4 will also be submitted as soon as I remember to finish up on it. It most likely won’t yet have all features working on iOS 8 - although the majority of the tweak does work - since I just don’t have sufficient time to work on everything. The release is more because it’s been impossible for new users on iOS 8 to purchase it for too long - sorry.

Chariz has been coming along really well and pretty quickly. Huge thanks in particular to Timon and Alex for their devotion.

Finally, as more of a little side project, Opener is gaining some cool new features, like being able to choose which app will be launched when you tap a link - similar to when you open a file from Safari or Mail, or when opening a link on Android. You’ll really enjoy it, and that means the missing settings you’ve always wanted to toggle features of LinkOpener (and soon, YTOpener) and the apps they open if you have multiple will be there. It also improves how link overrides are implemented, so they will always open reliably.

Thanks for your patience, and I swear nothing except the headline is a joke. (I think.)