I was originally going to postpone this until the iOS 8 jailbreak, but thanks to the recent iOS 7.1 jailbreak release, today I’m announcing that “something awesome” I mentioned.

But first: Bugs

Unfortunately it’s a bit late to change the announcement, but I realised (and the community certainly agrees) that maybe the big thing should have been bug fixes - lots and lots of bug fixes. iOS 7.1 tweak updates haven’t happened yet since the past few weeks were fairly stressful for me, but the school term just ended a few days ago here and so those will be coming as soon as possible. And now, without further ado…

TypeStatus Plus

I’ve been listening to every suggestion we’ve gotten, and this is the result.

More than just iMessage.

There’s tons more messaging services out there than iMessage, and many also have similar typing indicator and read receipt features. TypeStatus Plus includes support for WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Kik, and Snapchat. If you’re a developer, there’s also a plugin API you can use to make TypeStatus Plus support your favorite messaging service.

Never miss a typing notification.

Notification Center

With full Notification Center integration, TypeStatus Plus ensures you never miss a typing or read receipt notification. That, of course, also includes more prominent notifications on the lock screen that make quickly jumping back into the conversation as easy as a swipe.

Lock Screen

You can also opt to enable alert tones.

Customizable status bar notifications.

Want to show the overlay, and then have the typing icon to remain in the status bar until you respond to the sender? Want to tap the overlay to quickly jump to the conversation and be ready to respond? TypeStatus Plus will easily let you do all this.

Oh, and did someone say Pebble integration?


You betcha.

Features coming to the free version

By the way: TypeStatus 1.3 will have big improvements over TypeStatus 1.2. I’m working to rewrite large portions of the code behind the status bar overlay to be much more stable and future-proof so iOS updates are less likely to break it. iPad users will especially notice that TypeStatus will only push away the clock instead of the entire status bar. This will happen on iPhone too, if the TypeStatus overlay isn’t too wide.


We have the first beta being sent out to our beta testing group fairly soon (sorry; we’re not adding any more testers at this time), and unlike TypeStatus 1.2, we’re hoping we can get TypeStatus Plus out very soon for you to enjoy - bug free. After the first release, purchasers will be able to participate in beta testing via our Cydia repo.

TypeStatus Plus will be a 99¢ purchase - like all of our other paid tweaks. Let us know what you think about TypeStatus Plus below.