The first five months this year were definitely nowhere near as good as they should have been for HASHBANG, in terms of getting well-tested tweak updates out quick. We’re working hard as of this month to improve that, and we’ve kicked that off with a major FlagPaint7 update only a week after the previous.

The following updates are to be completed and released, hopefully in this order, over the next month or so. And I mean it!

FlagPaint7 1.2

Version 1.2 has been submitted to BigBoss, and at the time of writing is awaiting their approval before it becomes available. Here’s the changelog:


iOS 6 support is coming (back) to Opener in the next update. In some situations, MapsOpener will open Google Maps but not enter anything in the search box, which we’ll obviously fix. Additionally, that YTOpener update we promised will be coming.

TypeStatus 1.1.1

iH8sn0w can stop bugging me to release it pretty soon - the version of TypeStatus with iOS 7 support and many many bug fixes will finally make its way to the BigBoss repo. The bugs in the current beta (on our repo), which are crashes when the status bar is hidden (#34 - fixed) and contact names not showing (#40) will both obviously be fixed in this final 1.1.1 build.

FlagPaint7 1.3


The next big update to FlagPaint7 will allow you to fine tune icon colors, and provide a method for themes to provide their own icon color (which was promised a while ago). We’re also considering bringing back the original iOS 5/6 FlagPaint design. And of course, bugs from 1.2 (hopefully none!) will be fixed here.



RadiSpot, originally for Pandora users to open the now playing song in Spotify, had a pull request courtesy of ianb821 adding iTunes Radio support from back in… oops, January. We’ll push that update pretty soon!


Needs more jpeg

How could I have possibly forgotten about parallax? I really don’t know… but what I do know is that the low quality images issue will be fixed in beta 2 of DailyPaper.


A settings section is coming to SevenShare, so you can pick which services you want to appear. We’ll also add buttons to add a reminder and compose an email.


It might not be all that useful any more thanks to the awesome Auxo 2 switcher, but if you still use it, SwitchSpring will get some useful settings to configure it to your liking - including setting an action for swiping down on the card.

We haven’t yet decided whether to support Auxo 2 or not, due to Auxo’s own Quit Apps action when swiping up on the home screen card (which is a lot cooler than SwitchSpring!).

Long-awaited iOS 7 updates

NotiQuiet, MonoBar, tapUnlock, Prime, Plugication - all the lesser-known goodies from iOS 6 and earlier - will get their well-deserved iOS 7 updates.

And some other things…

That’s definitely not everything - there’s some awesome new tweaks coming too, which we’re sure you’ll love. Stay tuned for teasers, of course!