It’s about time for The Big HASHBANG Tweak Update. Some of these have long-standing bugs that I’ve never gotten around to fixing, or features I’ve really wanted to add. You’ll find all of these updates in Cydia soon.


FlagPaint 1.1.2’s Emblem support FlagPaint 1.1.2 delivers support for the awesome tweak Emblem.

The icon color detection algorithm has also been refined to only detect colors along the outside of the icon, which can provide better banner colors in some cases.

We’ve also included some more goodies in FlagPaint’s Settings section, such as toggles for round borders and the enlarged icon. Additionally, you can now select custom colors for apps if you don’t like what FlagPaint chooses, and if you’re a theme maker, you can now provide default colors by adding a FlagPaint plist to your theme. We’ll post documentation on this website once it’s released.

There are, of course, various little bug fixes, including making album art banner icons not appear pixelated.


This isn’t exactly an update, since it’s been available on our Cydia repo as a beta for quite a long time - I just haven’t had time to finish it off. The most important change in this version of TypeStatus, 1.1.1, is a fix for apps briefly freezing or crashing when a TypeStatus notification arrives. We’ve also added lock screen notifications, and as usual, other little bug fixes.


Previously available as a beta package on our Cydia repo, Fontee 1.0 will soon be submitted to the BigBoss repo.

Fontee used to sometimes trunca…

No more text truncation! The fonts used on the lock screen have also been tweaked.


Like Fontee, FolderBlur was also a beta package on our repo, and will be available on the BigBoss repo soon. The blurring has been refined to be less intensive and to dim the background (like iOS 7). If you use the awesome FolderEnhancer (if not, it’s worth buying!), the blur will also be re-applied for each layer of folders.


tapUnlock 1.0 was cool, but it was very basic, and… the amount of time that the “tap to answer” button was broken was embarrassing. We’ve decided that tapUnlock really only makes sense to the device unlock slider - it’s a bit safer for “slide to answer” and “slide to power off” to remain as-is, because these aren’t protected by your device passcode. (If you object to this decision, feel free to let us know.)

On top of that, we’ve made it easier for the button to be themed - like FlagPaint, this is possible both from the tapUnlock Settings section and by WinterBoard themes by “theming” a plist. Once again, documentation for themers will be available soon.


You might remember SwitchSpring, a small tweak for iOS 7 that lets you swipe up on the home screen in the app switcher to restart SpringBoard.

We made it a bit more convenient, by adding a button to quit all of your apps. It’ll be available in Cydia soon.


Remember that demo from back in May for Carrox 1.1? Yeah, me neither…

…until now. It’ll be available in Cydia soon.


The standard iOS Terminal app, MobileTerminal, is sadly an abandoned project. It was originally released for iPhone OS 1.0, and was rewritten with the official iOS SDK soon after iPhone OS 2.0. However, this was never finished, and the app lacks many features from the original version.

NewTerm is a project we started a few months ago to pick up where MobileTerminal left off, making it more pleasant to use. It’s still lacking a few features that even the current version of MobileTerminal has, but it makes up for that with its almost perfect support for xterm-256color, customizable fonts, themes, and more. We’ll start releasing beta versions on our repo soon.

NewTerm 256 color support

(The name “NewTerm” will most likely change to something more interesting in the future.)

Oh, and one more thing…

We’ll also be releasing a simple tweak for users of Pandora and Spotify. If you ever hear a song you like on Pandora, and want to hear more from the same artist or album, RadiSpot will provide you with a quick and easy way to jump from Pandora to a search for the song in Spotify.


The idea comes from /u/qdhcjv on Reddit - thanks!


I guess you can call this an early Christmas present from us. If you have any thoughts or problems, be sure to send us feedback via email - tap the “Author” button on a package’s details page in Cydia - or on Twitter to @hbangws. You can discuss this in the comments below or on Reddit.