It’s that time of year again when a new major iOS has just come out and the jailbreak community starts to significantly decrease in size. Thus, I’ll be releasing a final update before I stop working on tweaks until the iOS 8 jailbreak release - FlagPaint7 1.3. Here’s the changelog of the update I just submitted to BigBoss:

Thanks, of course, to everyone who purchased FlagPaint7 - we can’t wait to give you more features after the jailbreak!

That tweak everyone’s been waiting for (a bit too long, oops), TypeStatus Plus, will be released following the iOS 8 jailbreak, along with the companion update to the free version of TypeStatus (2.0). There will be betas available of TypeStatus 2.0 before both are fully released.</p>

What am I doing in between now and the jailbreak? I’ll be making Nightingale as awesome as possible for you all to enjoy.

See you all next jailbreak season!