It’s a bit later than I wanted it to be, but I’ve just released TypeStatus for Mac version 1.0. The changelog:

Thanks to meteochu for the updated icons.

There is an issue that pops up occasionally on Yosemite where an app has quit but the menu bar leaves a gap where its icon used to be - when TypeStatus displays itself in the menu bar, OS X might put it in this gap, which is obviously not big enough to hold the whole TypeStatus item. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this and thus it’s something Apple needs to fix.

Finally: if TypeStatus isn’t working for you, you might have to tick “Use SIMBL” in the EasySIMBL app. After OS X updates, EasySIMBL disables itself as a convenience in case a tweak is broken on the new update, but it doesn’t let you know about this. Keep this in mind when you next update OS X.

You can download TypeStatus for Mac from If you encounter problems, email us at [email protected].

More new and updated packages are to come in the following days. Happy holidays! 🎄