HASHBANG Productions is very sorry for the issues in the latest TypeStatus beta release (beta 4 and 4a - 1.1~beta-137 and 1.1~beta-139 respectively). If you’re experiencing issues with this TypeStatus release and would like to downgrade to a more stable version (1.1b3 - aka 1.1~beta-79), follow these instructions.

  1. Make sure you have iFile installed from Cydia.
  2. Open http://hbang.ws/s/GOz in Safari on your device.
  3. Wait for it to download, then tap “Open in iFile” (or select iFile from the “Open In…” list).
  4. In iFile, tap the “Installer” button.
  5. When the installation is done, respring your device, or turn it off and then on again if you don’t have any way to respring.

Again, we are very sorry for this beta’s instability. Of course, this is reasonable behavior from beta software, but we usually ensure that there are no serious issues with beta releases, but due to changes between devices, a number of issues were not detected.

The next beta release of TypeStatus isn’t too far away and fixes almost all bugs. If you don’t have the HASHBANG Productions Cydia repo installed on your device, check out these instructions to get it.