It’s taken way longer than it should have, but nevertheless, Opener 2.0, MapsOpener 1.3, and LinkOpener 1.3 have been submitted to BigBoss.

As you can tell from the jump from 1.1.1 to 2.0, Opener’s update is major. First of all, most obviously, is support for iOS 7. For developers, there is a new greatly improved API - you can take a look at MapsOpener as an example of the new API’s usage until documentation is ready. Handler tweaks that adopt this new API will also work with links opened from a browser.

MapsOpener’s detection of Google Maps links has been improved, and adds support for Maps’ new link format.

LinkOpener has gained support for the awesome GitHub app iOctocat. It also supports opening Reddit comment threads inside Alien Blue.

In the coming weeks (I mean it this time!), LinkOpener will gain its own Settings page to let you disable particular overrides you might not like. One of our older tweaks, YTOpener (which started life as a tweak that opened Google’s recently released YouTube app instead of iOS 5’s built-in one), will also be updated to support third-party YouTube apps such as Jasmine, MxTube and FoxTube.

If you have any suggestions for apps LinkOpener or YTOpener could support, you can always post a comment here or email us via Cydia.

And now, on to updating FlagPaint7, and working on some awesome new projects.