This has been fixed with FlagPaint7 Lite 1.0-1. Open Cydia, let it refresh, and you should see an update in the “Changes” tab.

If you installed FlagPaint7 Lite version 1.0, please be aware that it can cause your device to not start up if you reboot it. A fix is coming very soon; however if you are already stuck, follow these instructions to get out:

  1. Try booting your device holding the volume-up button, to completely disable all tweaks. Hold down the home and sleep buttons until the screen turns off, then when the Apple logo appears, hold the volume-up button until the lock screen appears.
  2. From here, you can use iFile or OpenSSH to access the filesystem on your device and fix this issue. Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries (in iFile, be sure to tap the top-left arrow until you get to the root directory).
  3. Create a new file with the name FlagPaint7Lite.plist. The name is case sensitive. You can do this in iFile by tapping “Edit”, then the “+” button in the bottom-left. Set “Type” to “Regular File”, and enter the file name.
  4. Open the file in an editor. In iFile, tap the file in the list and choose “Text Editor”. You will get a “Cannot parse a NULL or zero-length data” error - just tap Close, then Edit.
  5. Paste in the following:

    { Filter = { Bundles = ( "" ); }; }
  6. Save the file. You can now reboot the device again, and it will boot up successfully.

Again, please accept our apologies about this issue.